Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Using your talents for some wonderful causes...

When doing research for today's blog post, I came across a wonderful website. I decided to make this post separate from my Cricut info because I really wanted to call attention to it. I truly believe the work they are doing is a huge blessing.

They call themselves The Limelight Scrappers and their mission is to use their crafting talents to serve some wonderful charities (breast cancer awareness, Ronald MacDonald House, animal shelters, etc). If I didn't have so much going on right now, I would jump at the opportunity to do this. But with a trip to Canada scheduled for later this summer and much to get done before then, well, now is probably not the best time. But in the near future it is something I plan on looking into further and lending my efforts toward.

Until then, I'd still like to contribute in some way. So, I'm passing the info on to you. They are also forming a design team. I believe the deadline for applications is June 30th. Hopefully some of you might have the time to invest in this wonderful idea. Even if your schedule will not afford you the time to be on the design team, I'm sure they would welcome any of your creations as a donation.


Audrey said...

thanks for the info -- I'm going to look into it as well!