Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cricut info

Two questions that I seem to get asked a lot are "Where do you purchase your cricut cartridges?" and "Which ones are your favorites"?

Well, a couple I have purchased off of Ebay. In fact, I've heard some people get great deals there. I don't tend to have much luck with Ebay most of the time. However, I do have some resources for you if you're looking for a new cartridge at a reasonable price.

Michael's is obviously one choice. The limitation there is that you have to wait for the catridges to go on sale. So, here are a few online options that I have found:

One website I've used numerous times is Scrappers Must Haves. Typically I have my cartridges within two days of placing my order. I've been very, very happy with their level of customer service! And, as long as you don't mind them cutting off the top of the blister packaging, two catridges can fit into one priority flat rate envelope. This means shipping is less than $5 (if shipped within the U.S). Just remember to choose that option at check out. They also sell some of the more rare cartridges such as Don Juan and Accent Essentials.

Here is their website so you can see their selection:

There are a couple of other websites I've heard good things about (although I have never ordered from them personally, so I cannot rate their customer service):

I'm sure there are others, but these are the ones I have heard the most chatter about. Oh, one other might also want to check out . Within their message board, there is a separate category titled "Product Reviews & Deals". There you will find a lot of people selling some of their used (some new) cartridges at great prices.

Now, I also promised I would tell you some of my favorites. First for fonts:

Storybook~I love the elegance of this font...perfect for formal pages or sweet girlie layouts. It also contains several scallop shapes which are so popular in scrapbooking right now. There are also a lot of flourishes on this cartridges. I don't tend to use many flourishes in my scrapbooking, but if this is something that appeals to you, then you will looove this cartridge.

Alphalicious, Doodletype and Learning Curve ~ three different fonts that are all very versatile. They work well for most of your every day kind of pages. Alphalicious has more of a cute, whimsical feel to it.

Now for the shape cartridges:

Doodlecharms ~ has a wide variety of fun shapes. A little something for everyone can be found on this one. It's a great cartridge and I highly recommend it.

Paper Doll Dress Up ~ is very different than the title implies. It has sooo much more than just paper dolls. It has tons of "accessories"! Just a few of the many things you will find on this one include: a pirate ship, witch's cauldron, pumpkin, mummy, a castle for some adorable prince/princess pages, a shamrock, a rocking hourse, a sailboat, a wagon...the list goes on and on. So many adorable items contained in one cartridge. I'd even go so far as to say this is my favorite shape cartridge that I own.

My only buyer's remorse was my Stretch Your Imagination cartridge. There seems to be a lot of great things on this one, and yet I can't bring myself to like it. Don't ask me why because I really don't know. LOL I'm hoping to learn to love it the more that I use it.

Hope today's post was helpful to someone! Have a great day!!