Saturday, June 27, 2009


Have you ever worked on a layout and had your title perfectly aligned but when you went to adhere it, you glued it in the wrong place? Well, today's tip will help you get perfect placement for your lettering.

Place your title exactly how you would like it on your page. Take a pencil, and lightly mark where each letter begins. Then, when it comes time to glue your title down, you know exactly where to place each letter.

Hope you find today's tip helpful! :o) Have a great weekend everyone!


BonnieRose said...

I didn't have ur email addr so I cudn't email ya.. LOL my email is the ribbon I used on my cards was by BO BUNNY ADHESIVE RIBBONS. got them years ago! It was in my stash! Hope that helps!

Mom said...

have a great weekend--we are getting tired of rainy getting pretty excited about seeing you two!