Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just buzzing by....

to wish all of you a bee-autiful day! :o)

Actually, I really wanted to share a little project I completed today. It's for a dear friend of mine who just celebrated her 30th wedding anniversary with her hunny. (that's what she calls him...isn't that sweet?). Truthfully, I don't know what she'll do with this, or even if she'll like it. She may think I've totally lost my marbles, but that's okay too. LOL Maybe she can use it on a layout of the two of them together.

Mainly, I just wanted her to know I thought of her today and am excited for her and this major milestone in her life.

So, here is the paper piecing I made. I put some red cardstock behind it, hoping it will show up better in the picture.

If you would like to make one of these little fellas for your own page, here is what you will need:

(2) 1 1/2" heart punch (wings--white cardstock)

(1) 1 1/2" square punch cut in two (corner to corner--black cardstock). This will be his...how can I word this in a refined, ladylike manner...his bottom. :o)

Coluzzle Oval --largest oval for body (using black cardstock). The yellow strips on his body are 1/2" . I adhered several strips to his body and then turned it over and cut around the black.

Coluzzle Circle--use the fifth circle from the center. This will be his head (black cardstock).

Coluzzle Heart--use third heart from the center. This will be for his face (white cardstock).

The item numbers for the Coluzzle templates are as follows:

Coluzzle Circle: 44-4001

Coluzzle Oval: 44-4000

Coluzzle Heart: 44-4005

I also used several EK Success Paper Shapers (or thumb punches) for this as well. These smaller punches are probably not as popular as they once were, but I find them extremely handy when doing my paper piecings. Here is a picture of the ones I used:

Pink smallest circle--2 black for eyes, 3 red (nose & cheeks)

Orange circle--2 black for tops of antennas, 17 yellow for around face (heart).

Swirl--1 black for mouth (trimmed down)

Heart--2 red for tops of antenna

**Before adhereing the white portion of the face (heart) onto the black (coluzzle circle), remember to adhere the yellow circle punches to the back to give the appearance of a "scalloped" border. You will probably have to overlap them a bit to make them all fit nicely.**

The antennas were made by cutting one 1/4" strip of white. Cut it to whatever length you like and then form a "v" with it before adhering it to the top of the bee's head.

Add any detailing you like with a black pen. Also using a white pen for the hearts on the antennas would be cute.

Enjoy your bee! :o)