Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A great new product coming to the Shoppe!!

I have always loved inking and chalking my diecuts. In fact, I even love inking the edges of my photo mats. I find this gives such a nice dimension to my pages, cards, and diecuts.

Awhile back, I came across this wonderful tool. Perhaps you've even heard me mention it. But in case not, let me tell you a little about it, and why I love it so much. It's called the Inkssentials Ink Blending Tool, and it looks like this:
Why do I love it so much? Well, the first reason is the handle. Finally, I can ink my projects without worrying about getting my hands covered!! The tool comes with two foam pads (the foam is attached to the tool with velcro). So, if you want to change the ink colors you are using when working on a project, just peel off one foam pad and add a new one!

Also, unlike some ink pads that seem to quickly fall apart, these foam pads hold up very well!

The only problem I have found is in trying to find the replacement foam pads. I have looked all over town and they are nowhere to be found. That is when I contacted Cheryl. (Isn't it great to have a local scrapbook store?!)

I told her about this amazing product and how I knew alot of you would probably love it. And I asked about the possiblity of ordering some for the store. Of course, Cheryl said yes!! YAY!!!! So, they're on their way and will hopefully be in on Monday (but feel free to call the Shoppe first, just to make sure they arrived).

As you know, I would never recommend a product to anyone that I did not use and love myself. I really think this is an item you all will fall in love with once you try it out. And from what I recall, the cost is very reasonable (I want to say about $5 for the tool. The refill pads are also (I believe) about $5 and have ten in each package).
Oh, one more thing! If you don't like the idea of having to change out your foam pads each time, there is a nifty spinner that will hold several tools at once. This is so cute and will keep everything right at your finger tips! (not to mention look adorable on your desk). Here is a picture:
Want to hear the best part? The spinner is only about $20!! (tools are extra. So, be sure if you decide to order the spinner to also order any additional tools you may be needing). Cheryl has told me that she will be taking pre-orders for this. So, if it's something you think you may like, give the Shoppe a call today! (706-321-0202)

I hope you all will check it out!!

**Please note: There is a tool that you willl find at some of the bigger chain stores that have replacement felt pads to go with it. It looks identical but it is NOT the same product. That particular item is used for Alcohol inks. What the Shoppe is getting will work with all the ink pads you currently have in your stash (such as your cat's eye chalk ink pads).**


Karin Adamczyk said...

This is a great product. I took some workshops with Tim Holtz and he told us that you only need 8 of the blending pads (one for each colour group). I decided to use the two ends of the pads for different shades -- lighter greens, darker greens, lighter browns, darker browns, etc. Karin