Monday, November 23, 2009

You can make a difference!

Anyone who knows me is quite familiar with how much of a dog lover I am. And this weekend while at Petsmart having Bailey and Muffin groomed, I discovered the sweetest furbaby there in a cage. Her face absolutely melted my heart.

Her name is Lola and she is a Lhaso Apso. She is beautiful beyond words. I would have adopted her in a second, except she suffers from seizures, and being in a wheelchair, I don't think I can give her the care she would deserve. But I can tell you about her in hopes that someone here can be that loving home for her. The people at Safe Haven animal shelter have told me the medication she needs is cheap...about $10/month. (I believe it was Safe Haven. If not, you can ask the people at Petsmart...the workers wore dark green shirts and were located near the fish dept.) The number for Safe Haven is (706) 582-3629. The number for our local Petsmart is 76-323-6788.

Please, if anyone reading this is looking for a pet, I hope you'll consider adopting her. And if you do, I would love it if you left me a note. Knowing this precious doggie got her forever home would absolutely make my Christmas!!

Friday, November 13, 2009


In case some of you reading do not receive the Shoppe's newsletter...or even if you do, I thought I'd put a little reminder on my blog about the great deal Cheryl is offering for Black Friday.

Every gift certificate purchased on Friday, November 27th (from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. only!) will receive an extra 10% upgrade! So for example, if you purchase a $25 gift certifcate, you will get $27.50 instead. How great is THAT???

If any of you are participating in the Secret Sister swap at the Shoppe, what a fantastic idea for an end of the year gift! Or, perhaps you have a friend who likes to scrapbook. Heck, considering the upgrade, it might be worth it to even purchase one for yourself! Who doesn't love a little extra spending you, from you! :o)

And that I've done my own personal

If you haven't had a chance to drop in lately, Cheryl has some gorgeous new Christmas papers and embellishments in stock. Some have an elegant, vintage touch...and others are just as cute as can be! Just go to the back of the store in the holiday section to check out all the pretties for yourself. I can guarantee you, you're not going to want to miss out on any of it! And if you're working on layouts after a fun-filled Halloween, there is still a great selection of adorable papers for that as well!

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend!

Facebook fans or fellow bloggers...check this out!

Found this in my online travels and thought some of you might like to try it. There is this wonderful website called Scrappin Blogs that has all kinds of beautiful templates either for your blog or...your FACEBOOK page!! Yes folks, you can now customize your Facebook profile however you would like it. There are all kinds of themes from military, holidays, babies, adoption, animals, name it and I'm sure you'll find it there!

It's very easy. For your blog, they give you codes for you to add as a html code (under "gadgets").

To use on Facebook, on the right hand side of the home page, you will find "How to use our layouts on Facebook". Click on that. On the next page that comes up, there will be tons of backgrounds for you to choose from. They are on the left hand side of the page, categorized according to theme. Now there is one catch. You will have to download the application to be able to use this. Have no fear's free and they walk you through each step from start to finish.

If you do not see anything you like on these pages, you also have the option of choosing a layout on the main portion of the blog. To do this, you will have to copy and paste the link code they give you there. For each layout there is a designated Facebook code (it's under the picture of each layout). Highlight the FB code of the one you like, hold down your Control button and push c (for copy). Then click on the "How to use our layouts on Facebook". On the next screen, you will see a big green button that says "Create Your Own Background". Click that. You want your background color to be white, so choose that. The next screen will be where you put in your link. Click on the empty box. Hold down the Control button again and push v (paste). Once your link code is written in that box, hit the "load button". Then, next step. Choose the color for the font you would like. (I usually just choose black as I find it to be the most versatile). Next step again. Add a layout name if you want...I never do. Then, hit the save and publish button.

When you go to your FB page, you may have to reload it to see your updated background. Now not only will you have a gorgeous background, but you can also see the ones your friends may have!!


Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Fall!

I would like to start out by wishing my Mom the Happiest Birthday EVER!! Love you Mom and hope you are having a wonderful birthday!! xoxox!!

Okay now back to business...

It has been brought to my attention that at least one of the class projects is not on my blog. So, for anyone who ordered a kit for the "Babies are a Blessing" class, here is the class sample:

If there are any others you would like to see that are not currently on my blog, please leave me a message and I'd be more than happy to do that.

In other news...

Last Friday we had a Halloween crop at the Shoppe. There were alot of people who decided to dress up this time, so it was tons of fun! I decided to embrace my quirky sense of humour this year and go as...are you ready for this? "Meals on Wheels"! LOL Here is a picture for your viewing pleasure (or a good laugh...whichever may be the case). A huge thanks to both Cheryl and Bob for their contribution to my costume.

I also made up a complete Halloween menu. I went around taking "orders" and served the customers a little diecut on each plate (to be later used for their Halloween scrapbook pages). It was a lot of fun.

Here is a picture of my taking my friend Kay's order...doesn't she make the cutest witch?? The tulle around her hat had spiders on it!

Daisy Duck, a Joker and a Witch all made an appearance. But I think one of my personal favorites were the costumes my friends Janice and Theresa wore. The came as a pair..."Sick & Tired". Theresa spent a good portion of the night with a thermometer in the corner of her mouth and giving out "pills" to everyone who would like some. It was pee in your pants hilarious! The "pills" were all kinds of great candy like peppermints, M&Ms...all kinds of good stuff. So, we were all too happy to take that kind of medicine! ;o)

And with all that excitement going on last week, I still managed to get a couple of sample pages done for the store. Please note: These are not upcoming classes, but rather pages that are featured at the store to give you a bit of inspiration on how to use some of the papers for sale.

I used some cute Pumpkin paper that Cheryl had at the store to make both of these layouts. For the fall page, I used the actual paper. For the "Pirate Princess", I used the pumpkin paper only as a template for the carriage. So, one piece of paper served two totally different purposes.

One other thing before I sign off for now....keep checking back because soon the next Sesame Street class project will be posted here. This time the character of the month will be none other than ELMO!!

Have a great day everybody!!