Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some layout ideas

I've gotten some requests, so I thought I'd share some more of my older layouts. I hope you like them.

First, I decided to take another picture of my Cookie Monster layout as the other one I had posted was so small. So here is a better shot.

And a close up of the blue guy himself:

I paper pieced Cookie Monster by using some oval templates, circle punches and decorative scissors.

Next is a class layout we did for all those special family photos you may have. I believe the patterned paper was by Three Bugs in a Rug. The design on the paper matched the "Olde World Squares" set by Technique Tuesday perfectly. The title was also done using Technique Tuesday stamps.

And finally, one of my most favorite layouts ever, not because of the design itself, but rather the topic.

Thena Smith from Two Peas in a Bucket wrote the sweetest poem for my layout. Maybe someday I will ask her permission to share it with you all. But for now, allow me to share with you my own words that I recorded in recognition of this special time in my life:

"It was Christmas morning 1976. I was four years old at the time. It was also the year my parents gave me the most wonderful gift any child could receive...a beautiful, shiny red tricycle!

What made the gift special is this: I have Spina Bifida and have, since birth, been paralysed from the waist down. So, my parents bought me my bike knowing that I would never be able to use it independently. They pushed me around for hours while I rang the little bell on the handle bar. It was a magical Christmas provided to me by two parents who loved their child enough to give her a gift most would think only a "normal" child should receive.

Santa himself could not have done better."

In the bottom right hand corner of the layout, I also added a little box that says the following:

Tricycle $100

Love of a Parent: Priceless


Terri said...

Oh, my, you have me in tears!! That hits so close to home because funny enough, you always reminded me of my cousin-- because of your accent and eyes (she's from Chicago, but I can't explain the eye thing, lol). Anyway, she also has SB, but I didn't know you did too... so this journaling just really got to me. So good to "see" you... I'm planning to be in Cols next weekend so maybe I'll see you in person at the Shoppe :)

Mom said...

You have always been nothing less than " very normal" in our eyes and consider ourselves blessed every day that we have you! That Christmas morning made the two of us very happy just to see the excitement in your eyes. Truth be known, we did consider removing the bell, though, after hearing it ringing for about two straight hours!
Love you always.. Mom & Dad xoxoxo