Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Come and knock on our door...

Apparently, I've been "tagged". Not sure how or even why, but not wanting to be a fuddy duddy, I'm playing along. From what I understand, I'm supposed to go to the pictures on my computer and pick the fifth picture from the fifth folder.

Little problem with that...I've only had my laptop since Christmas, so I don't really have alot of "folders". So, I've decided to pick a photo from my stash where the image has the number 5 in it. Fair enough? Okay, I know I'm bending the rules a bit here, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

This is a photo of one of the paintings Rejean and I bought at the Starving Artists sale that was held in Columbus awhile back. Now, it's SUPPOSED to be a Mediterranean style painting but when I look at it on my wall, for some reason, it reminds me of the t.v. show "Three's Company". I asked Rejean what he saw when he looked at it, and his response was the same. Maybe one of you can figure out why that is. It's a mystery to us but we love it anyway.


pollicino said...

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AJ said...

I think it look's like Chuck's house from the TV show Chuck on ABC. I can't find a picture! Thank you for playing :).

Anonymous said...

Shelley: I think it reminds you of "Three's Company" because Jack, Krissy and Janet lived upstairs and a lot of the scenes show them at the bottom of the stairs, and if memory serves me correctly there were flower pots like that at the bottom of the stairs. Could that be the reason? Remember, Furley/the Ropers lived downstairs and alot of the scenes showed Larry going up the stairs or talking to Jack at the bottom of the stairs.
I love your new background, by the way..thinking of changing mine...much nicer than your other one!!