Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Poll

I'm setting up a new poll in an effort to gain some support for my "cause". You see, it's like this:

Every time I go shopping I see these neat scooters at the front of the store. Walmart has them, Winn Dixie, get the idea. They're pretty much everywhere tempting me with their little bells and lots of fun buttons.

Hubby is not feeling the necessity of my trying out one of these. In fact, he thinks it's a bad idea. Now I ask you...just because there was a little incident years ago involving a ride on lawn mower and some flowers...does that mean I should be banned forever from all motorized vehicles? Of course not...these things happen, right?

So, I'm taking a poll. I'm sure someone out there in blogger land needs a review of these scooters. And if that were the could I possibly refuse? After all, it would be for the greater good. ;o)


the owner of the flowers said...

I think hubby should let by-gones be by-gones! I would say go for it, Shell! After all, there are no flowers in the stores that you can run over..on second thought stay away from the garden centers at the stores if you don't

hiding flowers said...

I know now why Dad built my new flower bed with "high sides" It didn't occur to me until I was reading this again this will take a lot to wheel over the top of this one!! So there was a method to Dad's madness after all!! xo