Monday, May 11, 2009

A sweet gesture to share and also a buyer beware

Have you ever had a day when you felt both incredibly blessed and humbled all at the same time? I had a day like that this weekend.

I have a baby bug (small cricut) and use it often in my scrapbooking. I love it to pieces. But I'd heard wonderful things about the Cricut Expression. Last Saturday I was in my craft room watching some videos to see what this larger version had to offer. The next thing I know, Rejean comes into my craft room to see what I'm up to. He leaves and then minutes later, returns with this huge box. With a big smile on his face he says "Maybe you'd like to try some of the things you're watching on your own machine...Happy Mother's Day/Anniversary!" (our anniversary is next week). Now, since we'd already planned a vacation to celebrate, the last thing I was expecting was a present.

What made me even more humbled was hearing the story behind the effort he put into this. About three weeks ago I was teaching a class at our local scrapbook store. Rejean decided that would be the perfect opportunity to get my gift. (Yes, in case you're wondering I am a bit of a snooper! LOL). He went the Walmart on Whittlesey Blvd. and bought my machine which contained one cartridge, "Plantin Schoolbook". Two weeks later while at Walmart on Airport Thruway he saw that they had the same machine with TWO cartridges inside for $50 LESS than the one he bought. Figuring that I would love the extra Home Decor cartridge (and knowing it was certainly a better deal), while I was at the crop for NSD, he returned the first cricut and then headed to the Airport Thruway Walmart to get the other.

So, long story short~ Not all Walmarts offer the same deals. So, aside from shopping around~be sure to check the box before handing over your credit card. Luckily Rejean had not opened the box, but if he had, it would certainly have been an issue (they made sure all the tape was in tact before agreeing to the return).

I never ask myself what I could have done to deserve such an amazing hubby. I already know the answer to that. It's only by the grace of God that I share my life with someone that special.